The blogosphere is abuzz with discussion of the Democratic debate. It seems the highlights all include aliens -- yes aliens, illegal and the little green kind from outer space.


Rod McCullom explains why he believes Barack Obama is losing black voters to Hillary Clinton: He takes them for granted, the Clintons don't.

Glenn Greenwald covers a discussion on Sen. Jay Rockefeller's position on telecom immunity. Greenwald tires of hearing that every argument is based on 9/11, 9/11 and some more 9/11.

Michelle Malkin believes Clinton made a big booboo last night in the debate. Clinton gave a confusing answer on driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

The Swamp has the official news: Rep. Dennis Kucinich has confirmed that he has seen a UFO. Why would you say this in public?

Scarecrow at tells Democrats it's a mistake to go negative on Clinton. Democrats using Republican talking points seems like a bad idea, and it bugs many in the blogosphere.

TheStreet Recommends


Captain Ed reviews the FBI investigation into Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens. The investigation has also moved into activities involving Stevens' son Ben, who was hired as a consultant.

Paul at Power explains his reasoning for not supporting Mike Huckabee. He likes Huckabee's fiscal position but remains concerned about Huckabee's ability to lead the war on terrorism. No Huckabee love to be found.

Tristero at takes us through the Wayne Dumond episode. It could be the one reason that Huckabee has no future as a candidate for president or vice president.


Scott Paul at the Washington Note follows the Senate debate over the

Law of the Sea. Paul says that people like Sen. Jim Inhofe prefer unilateralism. Why do the neoconservatives dislike playing with others?

Haystack at delves into the history of being conservative. Conservatism has lost much of its ideology as winning elections has taken precedence. Which is preferable?