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Wednesday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the day's posts from the blogosphere.

Today's roundup demonstrates the breadth of information that can be found on the blogosphere. We can go from Iowa to Iraq in just a few clicks without increasing our carbon footprint.


Jonathan Martin of reports the Iowa GOP has decided to hold its caucus on Jan. 3, 2008. The Iowa Dems' decision has not been announced as of yet. Does this mean New Hampshire in December?

Josh Marshall discusses the endorsement of Mitt Romney by Bob Jones III. Jones had previously called Mormonism a "cult." Is the change a result of anti-Hillary sentiment or something else? David Brody's take is


Andrew Sullivan posts a map of where Ron Paul is getting campaign donations. He notes Paul's support remains underestimated in New Hampshire. Will Paul surprise there?

Ramesh Ponneru at the

National Review

Online comments on the

New York Sun's

unifying idea of what a Republican is. You can see the


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Marc Ambinder ponders the parallels that Barack Obama has drawn between Giuliani's and Clinton's foreign policies. Obama has tried to align himself with former presidents John F. Kenney and Ronald Reagan, but Ambinder senses a bit of posturing.

Chris Bowers gets off the Al Gore bandwagon. He noticed the Nobel Peace prize didn't result in a bump and realized Gore would have little time to organize for the race.

Scarecrow at offers the Democrats in Congress some encouragement on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The liberal blogosphere has been unhappy with Dems in Congress on this issue.


Megan McCardle admits to the liberals: "You told me so." A review of hers in a conservative publication was junked because she questioned supply-side economics.

Kevin Drum reviews a new book on global warming:

Break Through

. He liked much in the book but found it disappointing because it lacked concrete courses of action to follow.

"Oil peak or peak oil," asks

Juan Cole. He says the recent Turkey-Kurdistan issue probably has little "real" effect on the price of oil.