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Wednesday's Blog Watch

Pfizer's diagnosis, and switched-on Cypress Semiconductor.

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top 10 mean reversion stocks

: stocks trading way below their 200-day moving average that have experienced significant insider buying.

Very interesting to see how



justified an offer to


of $1 billion, which was turned down.

My favorite

value-oriented hedge funds

to piggyback.

Modern Graham

digs deep


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TheStreet Recommends

Pogo Producing



Quant Investor found the

single worst mutual fund


Survey of which

video game stocks

are critical this holiday season.

Peter Thiel, former PayPal founder who sold it for $1.5 billion and now runs one of the best macro hedge funds in the world, is extremely doom-and-gloom on the U.S. economy. Fortunately, we can see his

top holdings

and find out how he is investing in his thesis.

Information Arbitrage provides excellent analysis comparing







Stockmasters finds a stock with

ninjalike qualities


Forget stocks -- how about $155,000 for a

Velvet Underground record


Hilary, Hilary, Hilary:

Cypress Semiconductor


is a

winner for 2007


Fig Trader gives the

bear case


First Marblehead



Fat Pitch Financials does a

moat check





Child hero Mark Cuban warns us that motivation can easily lead to

drowning in opportunity


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