Here's what you're missing on TheStreet.

Unless you live under a rock, I hope everyone realized that the midterms took place Tuesday, Nov. 7. 

But the midterms don't end when you cast your ballot, so the stories today will all focus on what investors need to know for their portfolios. 

You ready? Let's dive in.

Marc Chaikin and Jim Cramer Break it Down

The two stock market legends take a look at the market after the midterm results in an hour-long webinar that investors shouldn't miss. 

And, no, it's not just midterm coverage that's important -- it's also looking ahead for the sake of your portfolio. 

The two even have a segment on the Federal Reserve, which will release the minutes of its Thursday, Nov. 8, meeting. 

Are you convinced yet?

Here's How a Democratic House Will Challenge President Trump

TheStreet's London Bureau Chief, Martin Baccardax, breaks down what could happen with a Democratic House of Representatives. 

The legislative split looks set to define both the president's second term and his efforts for re-election in 2020, while simultaneously changing investor assumptions for some of his headline economic and foreign policy ambitions in the months ahead. It may also trigger a damaging partisan battle between congressional lawmakers if newly-elected House member decide to move forward with investigations into the president's myriad legal affairs.

Some of the topics Baccardax touched on include:

  • Investigations into the president
  • Global trade
  • Government spending
  • Banking regulation
  • Foreign policy

You can read more here

What's Up Next?

Cramer's taking a look to the future. 

It's time to look toward Federal Reserve meeting on Thursday, Nov. 8. 

Watch why Cramer isn't so thrilled with the Fed Reserve and what else he's watching now that the midterms are over.