Well, here's a first. The


futures have actually rallied since the time I got in here. I waltzed in, singing in the breeze, at 4:25 a.m., with Globex down a nasty 10 points and visions of the bear dancing on my head.

The pattern has always been that these futures get worse by the hour, so today certainly seems to be a new twist. Remember, to get a real bottom we need to see these futures be entirely irrelevant and see real customers of merchandise. Sure, we have seen real customers of merchandise buying things at a discount, like the

piece I did the other day about


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. We also have seen customers buying some tech. But in general, as long as the futures are in charge -- up or down -- you won't count me as a believer. But I am not oblivious to the ability of the futures to rally, something that had not been possible during this downturn. So I will be watching.


Random musings:

Get this. My wife and I repeatedly went to the

Clearview Cinema


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when it opened in Summit. It was down the block so you couldn't beat it if you could get a sitter. But the last four times I went the &^$**$*^%$*&$ film broke. Twice they rebated the ticket to me. I still don't know how

Primary Colors

ends, but I guess I can read

The New York Times

to figure that out. Anyway, my wife was determined to put a short out on these clowns, reasoning that their whole method of operation -- having one projectionist to handle four films simultaneously -- was deeply flawed because it constantly led to breakdowns. I had just finished the work and was about to go to stock loan to see if I could borrow 50,000 shares.

And voila -- they just got a bid from



, at $24.25 a share. Before I could put the short out!!! Feel like I just got a new lease on life. The Trading Goddess remains incredibly lucky, which, as we know, is better than being smart. Much better.

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