So the banks and the financials were right. They forecast this giant-sized bond move, this monster move to the upside, better than any Accu-Weather report. Sweet.

Now what? We should continue to see the broadening out of this market beyond the same old 20 stocks that we were mired in. This bond move will be the tide that raises all boats and forces the money that has building on the sidelines to come in the market, in my opinion.

How do we justify the incredibly strong retail and car numbers with a moderately strong payroll number? I think it will come down to the way we got our tax receipts this year, well ahead of previous years, causing a spurt in spending, but no spurt in employment. That certainly makes sense.

And to those of you whom the media spooked out of the market until it had already put on 200


points? Don't let the daybook rule your investing. The newspeople know only to dramatize things that don't need to be dramatized. But they have to have something between the commercials, I guess.

Oh, and by the way, for the record, no one could have been more right than

Kathleen Hays

, who, even this morning before the in-line number, suggested bonds would work because the worst is in the number. Great job, Kathleen, great job.

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