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Watch the Secondaries

Recent offerings haven't fared well, indicating stocks aren't in strong hands.

Remember my

checklist of things to watch, which included being careful to monitor the secondaries to see how they held? Today, many of the deals that were priced recently fell flat on their faces. That is worrisome.

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Oddly, they had been hanging in there until the last hour or two when they suddenly gave up the ghost. We don't want to see this because it tells you stocks are not in strong hands.

Do we panic then and start selling everything? No, that wouldn't make any sense. Just be aware that one of the alarms that triggers true worry -- as opposed to the standard, boilerplate worry from the talking heads on TV -- went off about an hour ago.

We don't want to see many more alarms because of the


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problem articulated earlier.

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but it keeps running even though the

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bulled Xilinx right after I said I would do a paper trade on it, to no avail. I would have thought Microsoft would be down and Xilinx would be up! ... Not to be too "in your face" to my buddy


, whom I like very much, but I am back in buying the long bond ... Fill in the missing letter: "The creator of Linu_ is retiring." If you wrote an X, you have had too much of this market.

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