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Matt "I'm Better than Buffett -- Jimmy Buffett" Jacobs


Jeff "Better than Graham -- Kent Graham" Berkowitz

were marvelling at the decline in

Berkshire Hathaway

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Matt's theory was that it doesn't matter that Berkshire Hathaway goes down pretty much every day -- it is "financially incorrect" to say anything negative about the "Informix of Omaha" (Matt thinks it is a travesty to confuse Buffett with the red-hot B2B play that he used to be known as).

So immediately (in case they thought I was listening), they stipulated that Buffett is the greatest investor ever, even if Berkshire drops another 50%. In fact, they are standing over me now demanding that I write that the


machine is simply printing out the chart since November

upside down


In truth, I think the reason why this stock is going down is because of Berkshire's buy of

General Re

. As someone who is long

TheStreet Recommends


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, I can tell you that these stocks could pull down any portfolio, but especially one dominated by


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In other words, Buffet not only has no


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Sun Microsystems

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and the other rockets, it owns the ballast. A veritable double-whammy!

That doesn't mean he isn't the best that has ever lived. It does mean that I would stay away from the stock.

Random musings

: Some bogus story about accounting changes at Cisco gets passed off as journalism and the stock gets hit for a nanosecond. Thanks for the opportunity! ... Join me for the


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