If you respect the investing legend that is Warren Buffett, then you bought stocks hand over fist on Monday's market beat-down. 

"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful" is among the Oracle of Omaha's most legendary investing mantras. And the data shows that it's not a bunch of BS meant to drive internet buzz. 

Historically, a spike in market volatility is a bullish sign looking ahead points out UBS Wealth Management chief strategist Jeremy Zirin.

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"Since 1990, a VIX [key volatility index] reading above 28.6 (the 90th percentile) is associated with an average forward 12-month return of 19% with an 87% probability of stocks rising over the 12-month period," Zirin says. "Stocks rise by an average of 18% over the next twelve months after back-to-back days of declines of more than 2%."

Zirin concludes, "Remain calm and perhaps use the market volatility to accelerate any planned dollar cost averaging programs."

Warren Buffett would be proud.

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