) - I would suggest that compensation czar Ken Feinberg place the following ad in all the appropriate entities immediately:


TheStreet Recommends

Bright, dedicated corporate professionals for key posts at massive insurance entity now essentially owned by the federal government. Positions open in finance and operations. Must be willing to work for only $500,000 per year, although compensation could increase with success.

Age is not a defining factor, but applicant must be knowledgeable in the insurance business, adept at managerial arts, well-versed in reorganization technology, good communicator, willing to be paid for performance. Massive golden/platinum parachute not available, since job is underwritten by taxpayer dollars. Job would start immediately, since employer is totally sick of current crop of whiny, entitled executives who fail to understand the implications of the word "bailout." Please apply directly to Office of Timothy Geithner, Washington, D.C.

I think he'd get a couple of qualified takers.