Want Some Cheese With Your Whine?

Yeah, yeah, it's not fair that B2B stocks are trumping value plays. Deal with it, says Gary.
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I promised no more swimming stories until January, but I have to weigh in with one last comment on the recent

Junior Olympics

. Diana and I went through the final list of point scorers. She finished tied for 18th -- and if you factor out all the "mooses," she finished second!

Now, what's a moose? Simply this: any 10-year-old girl who is over 5'3'' and/or weighs over 120 pounds and/or who can bench press 300 pounds! In other words, take out all the girls who could flatten little Diana -- heck, little GBS -- with one punch and maybe then you have a level playing field! I mean, seriously, my daughter is just a wisp of a thing. Yeah, she's strong, you know, like a

Billy Crystal


Joel Grey

is strong! Shoot, it's annoying and

just not fair


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The point? It all reminds me of these fund managers who are carping about how value investing isn't working and how the rise of the B2Bs "just isn't fair!"

Well, let me tell you something. There is no "nonmoose" category in swimming, just like there is no height restriction in the


. No, to the fastest, swiftest and biggest go the spoils. You want to get along? Go along! And this year, if you want to make money, and score huge gains, you just have to be in the hot sector. Yeah, maybe it isn't fair. But really, what is?

I'll speak more on this subject next year. But for now, some "not fair" B2Bs I missed the last go-round.

My final column of the week? What could be more fitting than a Christmas Eve column focusing on ... finance! Yep, I'll take a look at some stocking stuffers that range from glittery shining things to that black stuff called coal!

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