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Wake Up and Smell the Next SBUX Breakout

GBS also looks at Dell, American Express, MCI WorldCom and more.

For those of you who asked (and even for those who didn't), an update and random thoughts on last week's swim meet at the

U.S. Naval Academy


Driving out to the Academy I had one thought: I could not think of one single thing I'd rather be doing that day. Not golfing. Not trading. Not vacationing. Days like that are a true treat for me.

The Naval Academy has a beautiful campus and terrific pool. My girls as Middies? There could be worse.

Results: We could have phoned this meet in, and I mean that in a good way. Diana's times in all her events were exactly what I thought they'd be, and as an excellent breaststroker, she predictably did well in the 200 IM and of course, the 50 Breast.

Julia Lichtblau (of "best 9-year-old in the country" fame) is still, well, the best in the country. In their first head-to-head match ever, it was no contest. Diana swam her heart out in the 50 Breast and placed eighth out of 55; Lichtblau was first, and it wasn't even close. As they say, though: It's a start! Stay tuned as they'll square off at least three more times in the next few months.

And speaking of staying tuned, this column is overflowing with requests! I'd love to get to them all, but I'm afraid those days are gone. Still, here are nine good ones that I just couldn't throw back.

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Playing Catch-up

I need help on seeing if I can salvage a missed opportunity. Somehow (I must have been really tired that night) I missed the (SBUX) - Get Starbucks Corporation Report SBUX breakout last week. What is the best way to catch this now without chasing it on the way up? Is it best waiting for a retest of the breakout or for a period of consolidation? Where do you see it going from here? -- Donna P. Galinsky

Just a Little Congestion

I'm relatively new to technical analysis, and I'm slightly confused on the charts of (AXP) - Get American Express Company Report AXP and (JNJ) - Get Johnson & Johnson Report JNJ. After slight declines on low volume both crossed their old highs on high volume, yet have since drawn back. What's your take on their charts? -- John Reggio

Cold Feet on IDTC

Is (IDTC) IDTC a good bet, considering Softbank might make a major investment in it prior to a spinoff of Net2Phone? I've accumulated an awful lot of it and am now getting cold feet as any major downside will give me a major headache and margin call. Any advice? -- Peter Spano

WCOM Worries

Would you take a look at (WCOM) WCOM. It's a great company, but the chart seems to be about to break through support. What do you think? -- Michael Kowitt

Has Inktomi's Time Arrived?

I've been having a hard time figuring out the short-term potential of Inktomi (INKT) . It's had quite a run-up in the past couple of months, yet recently (like most Net stocks) it has been pulling back. Is it a good time to buy? -- Tenni Arslanyan

Low Price, High Risk

I have a stock that I think follows the method that you have described in your columns. The symbol is (ABTX) - Get Allegiance Bancshares Inc. Report ABTX. In TC2000 they say it is into chemicals but I think it is a seed company. I noticed that it has a good basing pattern and it appears to be breaking to the upside. If possible, please let me know what you think of this pattern and what you think of its potential. -- Larry Austin

Aloha Means Oh No!

Can you enlighten us on (CNXT) - Get VanEck Vectors ChinaAMC SME-ChiNext ETF Report CNXT? Mahalo! -- Steve Mcelrath

In Your Face Rake!

I'm trying to figure out Dell's (DELL) - Get Dell Technologies Inc. Class C Report chart. Is that what you call a potential triple-top breakout? Breakdown? Head and shoulders and it's going up? Or a W pattern that's going to break out or down? Or I don't know I'm very confused? But I do know that Dell always seems to break out a couple weeks before its earnings. And I probably just messed it up by saying it. You know what they say -- if you think something is gonna happen you're probably wrong. Anyway back to Dell, what do you think? -- Alan Allio

The News on

Read your insights regarding the market. Very interesting and informative. I also have a question regarding broadcast.comundefined. What is the outlook for this since it has been acquired by Yahoo! (YHOO) ? What is the upside/downside potential for this? -- Manzoor Hussain

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