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Can't be too oblivious to this

Dow Jones

crack, now that it seems pretty definitive. I have a real Main Street versus Wall Street problem with the Dow. For example, my wife just called, all worried about the Dow crack. I reassure her that the action is in the


, and she comes back with "yeah, sure, but at what point is it arrogant to ignore that the nightly news will be focused on the Dow."

I am sticking by my guns that the NDX is a buy on weakness. But I am also sensing that we will have to deal with a plethora of headlines about the Dow being down 14% -- even as the


TheStreet Recommends

is up 13%. We want to see how those headlines play out. Monday may be a better time to put money to work. After we have digested the Dow 9000? Stories that


& Co. will probably be ready to dish out.

Random musings

: We get a few more brokerage

surveys filled out, and I bet we will be the largest sample ever. That will be clout for those we like and pain for those we don't. I can't emphasize how much of a chance this is for you to speak your mind. It is funny, after all that has been said about us -- much of it wrong -- in the press, not one of those doubters would ever question our integrity. If our survey of our readers -- our customers -- slams our advertisers, I don't think that the advertisers would even attempt to stifle the heat. They know we can't be bought.

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