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My wife, the Trading Goddess, wouldn't like this rally. She always hated the ones on Friday that started before 2:30 p.m. Too much time for the bears to ambush the bulls. Too much danger of a bull encirclement as the bears know that they have to have the damage stick.

We need to have the rally wait until when there isn't a chance to sell it off. Some of you are probably saying what a bunch of gibberish, but my wife used to send me out for Haagen Daaz right about now on these Fridays because I always wanted to jump the gun. As I had to go about five blocks to get it, that took me out of the action until she was ready.

The rally gods, she would say, just don't have the power to maintain it for two-and-a-half hours. Which is why we are doing nothing here.

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Why not be more aggressive? Cause we aren't going for the Congressional Medal of Honor. We don't want to be heroes. We want to make money. Very different concepts.

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