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Venturesome Proposals

Cramer makes a few dot-com business pitches.
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Future business models for venture capitalists:

You Make the Phone

Every time you make a phone call, we'll pay you 25 cents. If you stay on the line for a half-hour or more, we'll pay you $1. We will figure out how to monetize the business once we get everyone to use us. (Market cap potential: $8 billion)

National Gift Wrap and

A sister site to


-- which I had to sell because I couldn't take the promotion -- where we'll pay you to buy the merchandise and you'll rebate the sales tax. We will monetize after we put



out of business. (Market cap potential: $22 billion)

National Gift Wrap and

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TheStreet Recommends

We'll pay you to take the trip, and we'll pay all of your expenses. You'll do nothing but take the trip. We will monetize after everyone signs up with us. (Market cap potential: $16 billion)


We'll compile every newspaper in the world into one, and we'll pay you $1 to read each issue. We'll monetize after we put every newspaper out of business. (Market cap potential: $4 billion -- slow growth biz)

You Make the Call on

You won't have to pay us until after you have the fire, theft, accident or death -- hoo-hah! You'll never pay if you don't have an incident that triggers the policy. To be monetized after all the other insurers go out of business. Be sure to show


. (Market cap potential: $10 billion)

Random musings:

The answer to buying things you like: selling them after they go up,

a la


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