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Wall Street jargon can easily be applied to affairs of the heart. As you sort out your romantic status this weekend, keep these parallels in mind:

1. When he gives you flowers for no reason

Upside surprise

2. When he doesn't give you flowers or par value on Valentine's Day

Negative surprise

3. When he comes home late without calling

Failure to manage expectations

4. When he calls if he's going to be late

Giving good guidance

5. A so-so looking guy with a lot of other stuff going for him

Someone who outperforms his benchmark. Or: strong fundamentals

6. A great looking guy with jack going for him

Someone who underperforms his peers. Or: a highflier

7. A zesty relationship in its first few months

Momentum play

8. A long-term relationship you're going to "make work"

TheStreet Recommends

Value play

9. That great friend who just hasn't met the right person


10. Marriage, for him


11. Marriage for her


12. Marrying rich

You buy it for the fundamentals. Any merger activity is an extra bonus.


If you have any others,


away, with your full name, and we'll post them.

Reader Contributions

Wife refuses romance until she's satisfied with her Valentine's gift


Romantic Valentine bed linen

Pink sheets

Wife calls office a couple of times to see whether you really had to work on Valentine's Day

Duplicate confirmation -- Jeff Jones

Figuring out she's high-maintenance

Downgrading based on price -- Andrew O'Neill

Figuring out you are significantly better off without him

Technical downgrade

A singles Valentine's Day party

Bull market

Wedding ring bought with stock sale proceeds

Diamond on the Dow -- Heide Fowler

Seeing an attractive women on the other side of the bar

Initiating coverage on a head and shoulders recognition -- Tim Green

Divorce lawyers

Limited partnership experts

Escort services

Direct investments

Alimony payments (for her)

In-the-money options

Alimony payments (from him)

Out-of-the-money options

Debutante ball

Initial public offering

-- Robert Fratkin

When he takes you to McDonald's instead of Tavern on the Green

He bought you an odd-lot

-- Todd Campanella

Men who spend Valentine's alone.

Will probably participate in a short squeeze.

Women who spend Valentine's alone.

Need to look for a turnaround play and forget about the breakouts

-- Doug Kyro

Divorced mother

looking for support

Young girl marrying old guy

yield to maturity

-- Joe Cayton

When he buys you flowers, candy and dinner because he feels guilty about an affair he's having...

Infidelity Investments

-- Jeff Jones