Use Weakness to Build Strength

While some folks will only be happy with market home runs, Cramer is taking advantage of this weakness to rebuild positions.
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Nothing like a little revenge of the


nerds, the indexers who have sat back and let the


folk have all of the fun.

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When I see sessions like this I tend to chalk them up to some arcane rebalancing related to the expiration of options and futures on Friday. I don't sweat it. I use the weakness to rebuild positions that I might have let go into the frenzy.

Weird, I am drawn to the

Texas Instruments

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and the


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on weakness, with a level of conviction that would normally be reserved for the smug. But the confidence in the momentum of the business stays strong.

All in all a day of profit-taking, the type of day that people say lacks follow-through. To which I say, 'For crying out loud, what do you want from this market?'

Joe DiMaggio

only hit safely in 56 consecutive games. What happened in that 57th game? Loser!

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