The U.S. military bombed a building in a Baghdad neighborhood where senior Iraqi officials -- possibly including Saddam Hussein and his two sons -- gathered on Monday, American officials said early Tuesday.

According to U.S. Central Command, a B-1B bomber dropped four 2,000-pound bombs on the target, destroying the building in the affluent Mansour neighborhood.

It was the second time the U.S. launched a blistering aerial assault on a building where the Iraqi dictator was believed to be. The first attempt came on the war's opening night.

Hussein later appeared on videotapes and just last week in an impromptu street walk, but the U.S. has not been able to confirm if the tapes were current. Hussein also has been known to use "doubles."

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"We did receive credible intelligence of a senior leadership meeting of the Iraqi regime," said a U.S. official in Washington. "The meeting was struck by coalition forces" about 3 p.m. Baghdad time (7 a.m. EDT).