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Upon a Fed Tightening, JJC Will Be Ready to Spring

The trader is rooting for rate hike, and he predicts a market rally.
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What a tremendous break from the action. I can't believe how burned out I was. And I can't believe how little I missed!

Refreshed and ready, I find myself wanting to buy. Sure, the


beckons. But the slower macro figures we have seen, coupled with a saner IPO market have left me thinking that a tightening is a win. That's right, if the Fed tightens, the market rallies because we will certainly be done with the Fed until year's end. The macro numbers just don't justify another tightening on top of the one we might get this week. With the Fed out of the way after a tightening, we can really rock!

I would hope that a tightening would cause a selloff that I can buy stocks on. But last time I thought that would happen, and we got the tightening but didn't get the selloff. I don't want to box myself out by waiting for something that might not happen.

That's right, I am rooting for Fed action. Without it, I will be less inclined to put money to work.

In fact, if we don't get a tightening, we will be back on Big Bad Event watch. That's where every macro number that is "too strong" will be greeted with a nasty selloff because the Fed will be perceived as too easy. I know my partner,

Jeff Berkowitz

, agrees with me because I heard him say as much on's

TV show today.

Speaking of Berkowitz, how about how great his stuff was this past week? I loved it. I sure hope we will see more where that came from. Same with the television gig. Bravo and encore.

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