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The Florida Supreme Court

overturned a lower court ruling and mandated that a recount of several thousand disputed votes in the state move forward in the race for the presidency.

The ruling was a big victory for Vice President Al Gore, who trails Texas Gov. George W. Bush by a slim margin in Florida. The ruling immediately lowered Bush's edge over Gore in the state to 154 votes. The winner of Florida, with 25 electoral votes, will be the next president.

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The recount will cover 9,000 Miami-Dade County ballots that didn't register a vote for president during the machine counting. The court also ordered the reinstatement of 215 votes in Palm Beach County for Gore and 168 votes the vice president received in Miami-Dade that were missed by the machines, but counted during hand recounts.

The state's high court, by a 4-3 vote, reversed a trial court ruling and said the recount will begin immediately. The recount will use a standard set by the state legislature, which relies on determining "a clear indication of the intent of the voter" for selecting the candidate who received the vote.

The supreme court also mandated a manual recount of all votes missed by the machines in any Florida county where a recount hasn't yet occurred.