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For a pre-established number of days following the issuance of an IPO, certain classes of shareholders are restricted from selling their shares. This is known as the lockup period and is designed to protect a newly issued stock from undue selling pressure from insiders.

At the end of the lockup period, it is possible for restricted shareholders to sell some or all of their shares. Below is a list of stocks that are aproaching the end of their lockup period. This list is intended to flag potential upcoming volatility in the shares of recent IPOs, rather than to recommend or advise against any particular stock.

Ben Holmes is the founder of, a Boulder, Colo.-based research boutique (now a wholly-owned subsidiary of specializing in the analysis of equity syndicate offerings. This column is not meant as investment advice; it is instead meant to provide insight into the methods of new and secondary offerings. Neither Holmes nor his firm has entered indications of interest in any of the companies discussed in this column. Holmes' This Week in IPOs column appears Sundays, This Week's Secondaries appears Tuesdays, Upcoming Lockup Expirations appears Wednesdays and The Quiet Period appears on Fridays. Under no circumstances does the information in this column represent a recommendation to buy or sell stocks. Holmes appreciates your feedback at

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