Unisys Adds to the Chill

PaineWebber's downgrade of this hardware darling only makes Cramer more nervous about all the other folks in the industry.
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Unisys (UIS) - Get Report reminds us how tough this server and enterprise hardware group has become. I thought everything was fine at this Blue Bell, Pa., company.

Everything seemed to be hitting on all eight cylinders.

Then this morning, we learned that four of those cylinders are silent.

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Message Boards. Network and NT services, year 2000 transition issues, bad currency compares and organizational changes wrecked the pistons of this hardware fave. And now


is downgrading it for all of the usual suspect reasons.

Losing Unisys is like losing


(XRX) - Get Report

. It makes you nervous about all of the other folks in the industry. It counteracts the good news of


(AAPL) - Get Report



(ALTR) - Get Report

and the


(IBM) - Get Report

upgrade from PW.

If the bonds, which I am long, were better, we could look the other way from Unisys. We could act as if it weren't in the room. But they stink again, so it is. You may not be long Unisys, but others are or have thought about it. They feel quite chilled today. A sweater ain't gonna help that shiver.

Don't be faked out. We are in the tough period. Unisys makes it tougher.

Random musings:

Apple and



took expectations so low that they can bounce. Frankly, I wish they had just gotten it right in the first place.

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