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(New information on Fiji Water's operations in Fiji and accusations against Comcast updated in today's Hot Trends article.)



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Fiji Water

" is a popular search topic as the company closed its operations in Fiji after the government proposed higher water extraction taxes beginning 2011.

Last week the Fijian government proposed increasing the bottled water company's extraction tax to 15% a liter, much higher than its previous tax of 0.3% a liter.

Today the company announced it has agreed to pay the new tax of 8 cents per liter, and it will reopen its Fiji-based factory at 8 A.M. on Wednesday.



is a heavily searched topic after the company was accused of demanding fees that violated the FCC's proposed net neutrality policy.

>>Comcast/Level 3 Is the Fix: Tech Edge

Ten days ago, Level 3 agreed to Comcast's request for a recurring fee to deliver Internet video. Then, on Monday Level 3 protested the deal.

Level 3 is accusing Comcast of "putting up a toll booth" on its broadband networks so that it could set the price for online content. Meanwhile, Comcast says that Level 3 has "inaccurately portrayed" a commercial negotiation between the two companies.

"Wal-Mart" is a popular search topic today following news that the retailer is offering $2.3 billion to buy 51% of South African


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Massmart manages nine wholesale and retail chains in 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa through 256 stores.



believes that South Africa is an important region with attractive growth characteristics.

>>Cyber Monday Sales Soar 19.4%

Wal-Mart hopes to complete its purchase by February 21.

"Loan modification" is a heavily searched topic today as Congress

investigates the foreclosure robosigning scandal

that has besieged the country's largest mortgage servicers.

Bank of America



JPMorgan Chase


executives will present this week after the banks temporarily halted foreclosure proceedings in judicial states to review hundreds of thousands of affidavits that may have had flaws.

Wells Fargo


indicated that 55,000 documents had to be refiled, while



said it may have to refile thousands of foreclosure documents, as some papers may not have been signed in the presence of a notary.

"Unemployment benefits" is a trending search topic as extensions are set to expire today, Nov. 30.

About 2 million Americans are expected to stop receiving federal unemployment checks in December. Congress does not seem to have a plan to extend the jobless benefits and no vote is scheduled.

It took several months for lawmakers to reach a deal after extended benefits ran out earlier this year. Many speculate that a similar situation will occur in coming weeks.

"Stock exchange" is a popular search today as U.S. stock futures point to a lower open on the expectation that Portugal or Spain will be the next eurozone nation to seek a bailout package.

>>Stock Futures Fall on Eurozone Worries

Stocks slumped yesterday as news of Ireland's ¿85 billion, or $113 billion, bailout package

failed to offset eurozone contagion concerns.

Futures for the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

were 33 points lower, or 35 points below fair value, at 11,006.

S&P 500

futures were down by 3 points, or 4 points below fair value and


futures were off by 10 points, or 8 points below fair value.

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-- Written by Theresa McCabe in Boston.

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