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Understand the Full Story Before Buying

Getting ahead of the curve means nothing if you don't know what you're getting into. Talk about it on our message boards.
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Optical Coating Lab


, I was a day away from learning about you.

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Yep, last night Jacobs put a list on my desk of stocks he wants me to learn so we can get long.

At the top of the list is Optical. Darn homework. Darn, I need to understand what it does. Dang insistence on knowing more than the chart and the symbol!

Yeah, it is like that in this market. Some of these stocks, by the time you research them, the moment is gone. But I can't kick myself too hard.

Last year I plunged into the CLECs at the top and got killed. I wrote about it extensively, under the heading

ICG Communications


, and I can't afford to get in until I understand the story -- or else I will look just like that deer who stared at me at 3:45 this morning as I made my way to Interstate 78.

Internally, the temptation is to just jump on the next name on the list.

But you can forget about that. It was




Random musings

: That call on last week's show to get long the



of the world worked out pretty well. I am still long, but I let some go today cause it was such a homerun.

Tell that to



if you didn't get the call to buy these. Not to mention



. What do they have against you making money? What are they, the government?

I don't think so.

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