The major indexes took it on the chin on Thursday as whatever air was left in the sails of an already struggling market was let out.

All 12 major S&P sectors closed lower and all 30 Dow components closed lower.

Amid the decline there were actually some winning stocks. Though most of these movements were event-driven and trying to anticipate those is no way to manage your portfolio, there's some comfort in the fact that good news and cold hard numbers can help your cause no matter the general market sentiment.

Twitter's (TWTR) - Get Report  stock exploded higher on Thursday because it reported real profits and tremendous growth. The stock of GrubHub (GRUB) - Get Report  jumped gigantically because it reported an amazingly fabulous earnings report and got itself a new investor in Yum! Brands (YUM) - Get Report  . Two announcements that bring tangibility to once abstract concepts.

While you may have missed the moves in Twitter and GrubHub, there are other stocks to take a look at while the markets are on a rollercoaster ride, though we have to delve a little deeper to find them.

New York private equity firm Cerberus, for instance, emerged as the winning bidder for sodium cyanide maker Cyanco.

While not the sexiest of deals-and Cyanco has its problems-the company makes a necessary chemical used in cleaning and processing gold and silver and throws off good cash. Cerberus is a savvy investor and the fact that they were willing to go through an auction says something about the value of these type of companies. But otherwise boring companies can produce good cash flow.

It may be a lesson to the retail investor in times of volatility to look at fundamentals and current earnings as opposed to three- or four-year Ebitda projections.

Perhaps that's why aviation aftermarket services company AAR Corp. (AIR) - Get Report  is among our editor's picks of stocks that could withstand a major market meltdown.

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