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Tuesday's Top Political Blogs

The Obama-Clinton PAC war, Mitt and Rudy, plus more from the political sphere.
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The media hasn't had much coverage of the dust-up between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama over his political action committee, Hopefund. I wrote about Obama's fundraising dilemma several months ago. I find his use of a PAC to not only be hypocritical, but also obvious evidence he doesn't mind the system if it helps his campaign.


Ben Smith has Barack Obama's campaign's response on the legality of his PAC. The campaign has coordinated with the PAC to donate to politicians in early states. Hillary Clinton closed her PAC to avoid impropriety and possible Federal Election Commission violations.

Ezra Klein tires of the accusations that all along he has been getting ready to endorse Hillary Clinton. I would guess most of them come from Obama supporters who can't understand why anyone would support any other candidate. My serious concern with Obama would be that he's never faced the pressure of a difficult race.


Paul at discusses Rudy Giuliani's and Mitt Romney's

war of words. Paul notes both correctly state the other ruled from the center while in power. If they won and governed ruling from the center, why have they taken such a hard right turn as candidates?

Digby follows up on her post about

immigration by noticing GOP pundits have tried to offer cover for

ridiculous statements by the candidates. It will be interesting to see how much the anti-immigration rhetoric hurts the GOP with latinos.

John Cole wonders if Patrick Ruffini at is really a libertarian. Yesterday, I posted Ruffini's thoughts on Ron Paul. Cole sets Ruffini right on why some GOPers like Paul. Cole should know because he has disavowed the GOP.

Matthew Yglesias can't believe the quote from Mitt Romney about Muslims. Romney has had some of the harshest rhetoric in the campaign about so-called "Islamo-fascism," a rhetorical strain that hurts our image overseas.

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TheStreet Recommends


Glenn Greenwald continues his assault on Joe Klein's rants concerning wiretapping and the FISA law. Greenwald brutally blasts all of Klein's meanderings and mea culpas for misanalysis. Ouch.

Steve Clemon's

Washington Notes covers the Annapolis summit and recent developments from Iraq. Start with

this post on King Faisal's remarks on Hamas, and then proceed to read his other posts.

Blackhedd at comments on Drudge's headline about


(C) - Get Citigroup Inc. Report

and structured investment vehicles. Drudge normally makes waves on politics. But blackhedd offers an interesting history and analysis of the ramifications of SIVs.

Phoenix woman at repeats the rhetorical question that remains unanswered: Where's Osama bin Laden? He ain't in Iraq. She sees that the media has actually downplayed how poorly things are going in Afghanistan.