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Tuesday's Top 10 Political Blogs

Want to know who's trashing whom on political blogs? We've done the legwork for you.
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The blogosphere is crackling with discussions about the Republican race after Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney released memos on their campaign strategies. And Fred Thompson has a big endorsement coming today from the National Right to Life Committee. Will this get Fred back in the fracas?


Captain Ed finds the National Right to Life Committee endorsement of Thompson puzzling. Thompson opposes the Human Life Amendment, an anti-abortion measure that the NRLC supports.

Jim Geraghty reports that the NRLC endorsement may not be a done deal. It seems the group came under pressure as the endorsement leaked to the media from the Romney and Mike Huckabee camps.

Glenn Greenwald defends Ron Paul. He notes that many of Paul's positions are misunderstood because they are principled in nature, i.e., they follow the Constitution.

Marc Ambinder looks into Giuliani's strategy. Giuliani has almost ceded many of the early states to Romney. This may be a calculated move on Giuliani's part, but I believe it's a mistake to give Romney the momentum.

Tom Bevan at looks at the Romney campaign's response the Giuliani memo. I love how all of the campaigns come out with memos to drive the conversation.

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Taylor Marsh asks whether John Edwards is the real anti-Clinton. Barack Obama's positions differ little from Hillary Clinton's, including his support for the death penalty. Is Edwards her opposite?

Tom Watson examines the hatred people have for Clinton, especially among Democrats. He suggests that the media are cashing in on the same angry rhetoric that worked during Bill Clinton's presidency. The reason: Hatred is good for ratings and money.


Greg Sargent says political columnist David Broder isn't exactly honest. Broder says he won't write about either Clinton's or Giuliani's marriage situations, but this is contrary to recent history.

Jezebel has a clip of Laura Ingraham appearing on

The View

. It seems that her appearance didn't go as she had planned.

Matt Stoller at discusses the emergence of Color of Change, a growing group representing African-Americans on the Web that could soon have more members than the NAACP.