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Pakistan is the big story on the political blogs. It has pushed most of the Democratic infighting out of the blogosphere. What will be the resolution to the crisis there? notes the irony at a White House press conference. The U.S. tells Pakistan not to put fighting terrorism in front of upholding the country's constitution.

Daily Kos has a long post on Pakistan. It seems the U.S. has been providing Gen. Pervez Musharraf with large sums of money for counterterrorism for very little return. Hmm.

Juan Cole has all of the details of what's going on in Pakistan. Cole says Musharraf uses terrorism as an excuse to no longer follow the rule of law. Could it happen elsewhere?


Marc Ambinder of makes a bold prediction: The GOP race will go on through March. This wouldn't normally be long in the season, but it is for this year.

Ericka Andersen from believes Fred Thompson fumbled by not supporting a Human Life amendment. Thompson plays up federalism, and some say he uses federalist rhetoric to sidestep tough issues. Could this cost him?

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Matt Lewis thinks the shoe has already dropped on Thompson in favor of Mitt Romney. Romney was endorsed by Pal Weyrich, a big name in social conservative circles.


Taylor Marsh tells Democrats not to go negative on their own kind. She shows exactly how this can backfire against a candidate -- this time John Edwards, who couldn't get his own answer straight about driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

Kevin Drum discusses John Rauch's article on which party is more trusted with the nation's economic prosperity. Why was there such a dramatic change in 2006, when the Democrats opened a 20-point gap in the polls?


Glen Greenwald wonders why the US has kept a journalist behind bars in Guantanamo without due process. Two high-profile cases are an Al-Jazeera cameraman and an


. photographer.

Steve Benen can't understand why there's so much coverage of Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg continues to say he's not running for president but gets coverage like he is. What's up?