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Tuesday's Top 10 Political Blogs's political correspondent rounds up the day's best posts from the blogosphere.

Today's blogs focus on Democrats ahead of tonight's debate. The Dems will face off on MSNBC tonight, with Brian Williams and Tim Russert moderating. Will Barack Obama take it to Hillary Clinton or not?


Jim Geraghty at

National Review Online

wonders if the GOP's "Hillary hate" has run its course. The congressional GOP committee didn't do well with fundraising, nor did John Kerry beat President Bush with all that ill will.

Patrick Ruffini at tries to make a case that generic Republicans do well against Clinton. She couldn't break 50% against Rep. Ron Paul -- is this a bad sign for her in the general election?

Kos at has a few thoughts on the election. The one clear point he makes is that this election will not be like 2004. Clinton is not a Howard Dean who will collapse at some point. This is bad news for Obama.

Jonathan Martin looks into John Edwards' claim that he can win red states. I don't buy it. He didn't help Kerry win North Carolina, and he got destroyed by Dick Cheney in the vice presidential debate in 2004.

TheStreet Recommends


Andrew Sullivan has taken a strong stance against torture, as I think we all should, and today he examines a book delineating the Bush administration's affronts on the topic.

The Crypt at hears from Virginians that automated calls have been asking about a match-up between former Sen. George Allen and former Gov. Mark Warner. Is Allen considering a comeback? He lost to Sen. Jim Webb in 2006.

Steve Benen fact-checks Rudy Giuliani's new health care ad. It seems that rates for prostate cancer are the same in the U.S. and Britain. Conservative sites have been talking up medical tourism from Britain's NHS system, forgetting that Americans still lead the field in traveling for cheaper medical care.

Blake Dvorak at discusses the Ron Paul ads in New Hampshire. Paul does have a lot of money to spend in the early-primary states.


Josh Marshall has a clip of the Iran war discussion between Giuliani adviser Norman "neocon" Podhoretz and Fareed Zakaria of


. I believe Fareed has a point: Iran is not really a threat to become a world power with a nuclear bomb.

Thinkprogress follows the relationship between Blackwater and the Bush administration. The State Department supported them with more contracts and immunity, despite bad behavior in Baghdad.