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Tuesday's Top 10 Political Blogs

<I>'s</I> political correspondent rounds up the day's posts from the blogosphere.

The past days' political blogs are consumed with two main topics: the S-CHIP battles and all the candidate-bashing that's happening in the GOP race. The vote to override the veto on the State Children's Health Insurance Program is tentatively scheduled for Thursday.


The GOP has tried to draft retiring Gen. Peter Pace to run for the Senate in Virginia against former Gov. Mark Warner, who raised

more than a million dollars in three weeks. discusses Pace's

visit to the Vietnam Memorial.

Mary Kay Ham at notes that Fred Thompson has taken his first shot of the campaign. Yes, it was directed at front-runner Rudy Giuliani. Fred is worried about Giuliani's moral flexibility.

Matt Yglesias reviews Sen. John McCain's recent piece in Foreign Affairs. Yglesias says McCain's basic strategy is to hope for the best and that McCain's piece is much more reasonable than Giuliani's.

Jonathan Martin at discusses the ongoing spats between McCain and Mitt Romney. I'm not really sure how these attacks are going to help their campaigns.


Taylor Marsh reviews Sen. Hillary Clinton's piece in the upcoming

TheStreet Recommends

Foreign Affairs

magazine. She notes that Clinton won't be outgunned.

Arianna Huffington asks House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) the tough question: Are you too well-behaved to get us out of Iraq?

Kevin Drum suggests that South Carolina again is the land of rumor. First came the 2000 whisper campaign regarding McCain's alleged illegitimate African-American baby, and now we have claims that Barack Obama is a Muslim. I had a feeling this rumor was going to rear its head sooner or later.

Issues has a preview of a new ad by S-CHIP advocates. No word yet on whether Michelle Malkin will take up the challenge and attack another kid.

Steve Benen at The Carpetbagger Report says the GOP will be introducing a universal health care plan sometime soon. I guess this is a hope to reduce the heat rising from S-CHIP furor.

Mark Thoma wonders why the Treasury Department has put out a bunch of new pieces on Social Security reform. Thoma thinks it's another effort to move toward private accounts.

Please feel free to suggest great blogs I might be missing.