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Modern Graham picks newspaper company


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as the

company of the week.

Activist fund Harbert

loads up on


( GTW).

Gannon on Investing breaks down

the homebuilders.

GigaOm wonders if

Steve Jobs should buy YouTube. Quite honestly, such a deal would destroy my life. Imagine a wireless iPod where you can watch YouTube clips all day long.

Blogging Stocks takes a look at more stocks that are

ripe for a takeover.

Controlled Greed notes some

big insider buying

on paging stock

USA Mobility





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Hitwise takes a statistical look at

what drives traffic to a blog by looking at three case studies.

24/7 Wall Street analyzes


(ICON) - Get Report

purchase of the

London Fog brand.

Modern Graham asks if Ben Graham would like the recent

Graham-style picks of


columnist John Dorfman.

Wisdom Tree has been creating a lot of buzz lately with its high-profile hires and investors. Abnormal Returns looks at

personality vs. performance.

If investing doesn't work out, I can always

try this.

Mark Cuban looks at some of the

sticks and stones that have been thrown his way.

The Internet according to

Dave Chappelle


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