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TSC Weekender: Epater le Web Bourgeois

Plus, a laconic politican and reading analysts in Idiot Box.

This weekend we launch our new Personal Finance Saturday, with more information about the issues that affect your portfolio, your taxes, your investment decisions. To kick off, we have Dagen McDowell and Joe Bousquin debating the merits of (FBIOX) Fidelity Select Biotechnology vs. (JAGLX) Janus Global Life Sciences. James Brookes-Avey, chief investment officer of, discusses how to spot emerging technologies before the pros. And, of course, hedge funder extraordinaire James J. Cramer gets in his two cents as well. Plus, we still have favorites like The Coming Week and The Coming Week in Europe and yours truly. Got questions about anything that's going on with the site or your finances? Let us know!

Strange Days

It wasn't quite anarchy, but this week had its anti-establishment moments. Web vandals attacked several big-shot sites throughout the week, starting Monday with



and continuing throughout the week, hitting








and others. The denial-of-service attacks flooded sites with bogus requests that crippled the systems, sometimes for hours.

The seemingly coordinated attacks touched off investigations by the


and the

Justice Department

, who are trying to find the culprit or culprits -- a task that's not so much needle in the haystack as needle in the hayfield. Meanwhile, companies all week set about beefing up their systems to prevent similar attacks from happening to their sites. By Friday, the vandal or vandals seemed to have gone back to downloading pictures of

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

and drumming up more impressive prey than Internet fatcats.

On a less ethereal level, a bomb went off on Wall Street on Friday, and we don't mean news of a big merger. An

actual bomb exploded in front of Barclays Bank around 5 a.m. One person was injured, treated at the hospital and released. A suspect was seen leaving the area and for all of Friday, several blocks were plastered with "Police Line, Do Not Cross" tape and the area was more heavily patrolled than usual.

Staff reporter Thomas Lepri contributed to this article.