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TSC Weekender Comics: 'Titans of Finance'

The Street's most notorious have become legendary figures. This monthly strip tells their true tales.

What goes up must come down. It's a natural law that this economy seems to have forgotten. While the U.S. enjoys its largest economic expansion ever, it's difficult to reach back -- way back -- to those days when Wall Street success wasn't something you ordered online. We hear daily, it seems, of the Wall Street wunderkind, the filthy-rich whiz kid, the man or woman who has it all. What's missing is some kind of perspective on the outsize egos, strange characters, astonishing hubris and mountains of money. That's why TSC Weekender presents "Titans of Finance -- True Tales of Money and Business," a comic strip for these moneyed times. With stories by R. Walker and art by Josh Neufeld, "Titans of Finance" tells the tales of Wall Street's most well-known Icaruses. As many of you may recognize, the strips are entirely based on press accounts, with practically no embellishment. (Relevant updates appear after the strip and bibliographies are available from the authors.)

The Chainsaw:
Al Dunlap


kicks off the series, which will run the first weekend of the month for six months, with "Chainsaw" about the former Sunbeam CEO Al Dunlap. And as "Titans of Finance" rolls out, you'll see that these aren't just instructive episodes about the current climate. They're timeless tales, like the




. Never mind Spider-Man and the Green Lantern. These are our superheroes now.

-- Editor

Read "Chainsaw" now.

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R. Walker, a former business editor, writes "Titans of Finance."

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