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How the Microsoft Have Fallen

Two potentially monopolistic monoliths are better than one. At least someone seems to think so.

All week the business world anticipated a proposal from federal prosecutors that


(MSFT) - Get Report

be broken up into two pieces -- one selling the Windows operating system, the other, applications software such as the Office suite, which includes the word-processing and spreadsheet programs every office drone knows too well.

And while at least

one state was not unified with the federal government and the other states in the proposal, Friday the ax fell. The

Justice Department

and 19 states urged a federal judge to cleave the mighty Microsoft in two to prevent it from violating antitrust law.

The company, naturally, disagreed with this assessment and proposal.

And investors had their own ideas throughout the week. Jitteriness over Mister Softee's future had the stock lurching down 15.6% Monday, amidst a general tech unraveling. But by the time Friday rolled around, the stock had stabilized. In regular trading, it closed down 1/16, a little less than 1%, at 69 3/4. After-hours trading Friday was mixed.

(For more information on the government's action against the Redmond, Wash. software giant, see our

Microsoft Trial Timeline.)