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TSC Power Stock Rankings: Apple

Also, Southwestern Energy joins the list.

During the week of June 16th,

readers searched for the following 10 stocks more than any others. This week, new entrant

Southwestern Energy


joins the list as investors seek answers to their questions about the company's recent price action.

Each week, research associate Patrick Schultz makes the Buy, Sell or Hold call on the stocks below, in the order of their popularity.

Top Ten Most Searched Stocks on

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1. Apple


: I think shares of Apple will be treading water as it awaits the launch of the 3G iPhone. It sold off after the much anticipated announcement of the next generation of their mobile platform. I would not be aggressive in trading shares, but if it dipped below $170 I would buy some. --


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2. Goldman Sachs


: Goldman is the best house in a very bad neighborhood, as demonstrated by its earnings report last week. Investing in shares of Goldman is a struggle as the bad news from the sector is constant and unremitting. Further, the stock had a nice spike over the past couple of weeks making for a poor risk / reward situation. I would sell shares in the near-term and buy them back in the low $160's. --


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3. Southwestern Energy: A first time player in the Power Stocks Top Ten with a very simple investing premise -- natural gas. Southwestern is an exploration and production company with great exposure to the Fayetteville Shale and Permian Basin. With natural gas trading at $13 and looking to go higher, there's a lot to like here. -- BUY

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4. Quanta Services


: I like everything about this stock except for its current price. I want to wait for a dip in the stock before buying. If and when Quanta gets to the $30-$31 range, I would buy aggressively. As a review, Quanta is a play on our nation's massive transmission and power grid as it helps utilities build out this basic infrastructure. Unfortunately, our national power grid has been neglected for decades and is in poor shape. Simply put, it needs a lot of work and investment. Quanta Services is the way to play it and profit. -- BUY.

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5. Trinity Industries


: Most of Wall Street views Trinity as a railcar play, but the company is quickly transforming itself into a wind energy company. I call it the stealth alternative energy play of the market. In a recent report, the Department of Energy claims that 20% of energy generation could be by wind power in 2030. Let me repeat that statistic, 20%! Now, that is what I call a growth market. --


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6. Chesapeake Energy


: Another good play on natural gas with CEO Aubrey McClendon relentlessly buying his own stock. Chesapeake is up more than 70% year-to-date and putting up great fundamental numbers. The difference between Chesapeake and my earlier mention of natural gas play Southwestern is that Chesapeake has run big recently. So, I would look for a dip in share price before pulling the trigger. The low $60's looks attractive. --


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7. Sirius Satellite


: Last week, a damaging report from Goldman Sachs sent shares tumbling. Goldman lowered the price target on Sirius to $1.75 from $2.25 and reiterated its Conviction Sell rating. I have been dead wrong so far on my previous buy Sirius take, but I continue to believe that a merged entity will bring significantly more upside than Goldman is giving it credit for. I like the risk / reward here. --


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8. Research In Motion


: The poorhouse is littered with Research In Motion bears. Here is a general rule -- never bet against the maker of the Blackberry device. It has always been a winning formula to buy Research In Motion on dips, and I don't see any reason to stray from this strategy. -- BUY

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9. General Electric


: GE has lost that lovin' feeling. The once reliable and "go to" name in U.S. markets is lost at sea. I look at the nice yield of 4.5% and get somewhat tempted. But a nice yield is not enough to buy a stock, especially when the momentum is to the downside. --


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10. Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile


: I hope by now you know how much I like the ag sector. I don't think I could have been more bullish on the well-known names like









on these pages. Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile is just another way to play the sector. The South American based company generates 49% of its revenue from the production and sale of potassium nitrate. This is a key ingredient in the planting and farming of fruits and vegetables. Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile has been on fire, up close to 200% since the start of the year, so pick your buy points carefully. Look for a 15% pullback to pounce. --


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Patrick Schultz is a research associate at He has previously obtained securities licenses under the NASD's Series 7, Series 24, Series 52 and Series 63 exams and has worked in the financial markets on various trading desks in addition to trading for his own account. Schultz holds a bachelor's degree in applied economics from Cornell University.