TSC 21: Index Inches Higher

Level 3 runs up ahead of earnings.
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TheStreet.com 21 Index rose for a second straight day Wednesday as winners roughly matched losers in a relatively directionless market.

The index, intended as a way to gauge economic recovery, now stands at 1008.60, up 0.3% from Tuesday's close at 1005.50, with 10 winners and 11 losers. The major indices followed suit after a rocky morning, with the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

climbing 0.39% to 9,194.24 and the


adding 0.76% to 1,719.18.

Level 3


, our barometer for the depressed, heavily leveraged telecom sector, won the day with a 3.49% gain, or 18 cents, to close at $5.34. The company reports earnings Thursday.



kept climbing for a third consecutive session, adding 2.78%, or 87 cents, to $32.12.


(CMA) - Get Report

gained 1.41%, or 65 cents, to $46.70;


(EXPD) - Get Report

rose 1.34%, or 48 cents, to $36.35; and

Cisco Systems

(CSCO) - Get Report

saw its fourth winning day in a row, up 1.12%, or 21 cents, to $18.88.

On the losing end,


(ET) - Get Report

sank 2.32%, or 22 cents, to $9.28 despite its positive earnings announcement last week.



was down 2.08%, or 47 cents, to $22.17 as investors awaited its earnings announcement on Friday with little optimism about the advertising market.


(IR) - Get Report

lost 1.98%, or $1.09, to run aground at $53.98.

The index as a whole inched further ahead from its starting point of 1000.

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