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Trading With Bad Quotes

Also, the market was looking for cues from the bond market, but Cramer thinks the bond guys are already enjoying an extended Columbus Day weekend.
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You have heard of trading in the dark. Today we are trading with bad quotes. There is some weird Nasdaq feed that has given us different prices from reality. That's cool if you are short, but devastating if you are long, particularly if you are playing Internet plumbing.

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For example, we thought


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was up when it was down. We thought


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was getting clocked. It was up. The random nature of the wrong feed had us sticking to listed stocks, which were accurate all morning.

In the meantime, the market wants to take its cue from the bond market, but the bond market refuses to send us any meaningful signals, maybe because the bond guys are taking their usual time off for Columbus Day.

I think bond guys take off from work the length of the time it took Columbus to get to America to fully commemorate the holiday.

The weirdness of this day continues with drugs and airlines screaming.

Boy, does that make no sense. Maybe this is just an anti-tech day.

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