Trading the Cyclicals: Back to the Boring Basics

The trader can't imagine Net stock traders doing the homework you need to follow the cyclicals.
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Fasteners. Bottles. Cans. Industrial gases. Whiteners. Darkeners. Aromatics. Linerboard. Bolts. Nuts.

Yeah, I guess I forgot what a bore knowing these cyclicals is. Especially when the shopping at


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is fun and trading online is cool.

In the old days when I used to trade the cyclicals with my wife, we got all these boring trades and would follow the pricing of every little kind of plastic and wood grade. We tried to anticipate every price increase. Ingot pricing. Zinc pricing. Heck, we even got the

Journal of Commerce

to check container shipping rates.

Guess what?

We are doing it again. It's just as boring as ever.

Maybe that's what will be our edge. I can't imagine Web traders tracking cumin or alkali. Maybe they will.

I know I have to start doing so.

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