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Trading Bonds

Cramer's looking at the 30-year for a trade, maybe back to the 95 level.
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So I go down to buy $5 million in 30-year bonds under 93 a half-hour ago, figuring that if it's so bad and ugly down there, I would get whacked.

Fuggedabout it. I had to fight to get my $5 million. I look at these retail numbers and the employment claims, and the move down in bonds (up in yield) doesn't seem for real. I could get buried off a frightening


speech, but I put


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sales with these same-store sales (and I can read a calendar) and it seems like, if the economy were on fire, it may not be right now.

Couple that with the dismal numbers out of Germany, and I want bonds. I caution -- as I trade stocks, I trade bonds. Meaning that I am buying them for a trade, maybe back to 95.

But I am getting sick of all of this strong-getting-stronger economy stuff in light of the numbers that I have seen which are simply strong, or strong getting a tad weaker, and I smell opportunity.

Bonds aren't like the


. Big market. But if there was huge supply at the 92 level, believe me, I would have detected it.

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