With the Democratic National Convention in full swing, Democrats have so far been reluctant to stir the pot on Wall Street and world trade.
"They were pretty benign last night," said founder of TheStreet Jim Cramer said. "They have so many irons in the fire. The last thing you seem to be doing is bashing business."

That has not kept trade agreements from being a divisive tool in the presidential elections.

The closure of the two United Technologies' plants in Indiana has found its way into stump speeches in recent months. Approximately 2,100 jobs lost in Indiana would be shipped to Mexico and the closures would only save the company $65 million a year, or just over 0.1 percent of annual revenues.

For Cramer, the issue surrounding the deal is a multifaceted issue. "I don't like layoffs," Cramer said. But "it's important to note there is three years they got notice" and that CEO Greg Hayes is providing education on the deal. Trump has formerly said that as president he would "tax the hell" out of Carrier if they followed through with the trade, according to MarketWatch.

More recently, steel manufacturer Nucor Corp. (NUE) - Get Reporttold Cramer on CNBC that it would partner with JFE Holdings to build an automotive steel plant in Mexico, predicting that  by 2020, 40 percent of new vehicle launches will be in Mexico. The company has formerly suffered from countries like China dumping the American economy with steel at lower prices, but since high tariffs on steel of over 200% had been implemented in March, the steelmakers have been performing considerably better. Nucor's stock is up 30% since the start of the year. Production is set to begin in 2019.

"I'm on the fence on certain countries doing unfair things," Cramer said on world trade. However, he acknowledged that companies such as global manufacturer 3M (MMM) - Get Report  which produces products such as post-its, and Caterpillar (CAT) - Get Report  , which manufactures production and mining equipment, depend on it.

Caterpillar traded up 4.2% to $82 midday Tuesday after it beat analysts expectations on second quarter earnings , 3M stock was trading down 1.73% to $176.52.

"These are very, very tricky matters," Cramer said.