NEW YORK ( - Hey music fans, Google (GOOG) - Get Report is on your side after unveiling Google Listen, their latest project and addition to Google Labs. Sure to be a hit among Androidians, the application scours the web for audio and then allows users to download or stream their finds to their phone. Pretty cool indeed!

Combine that technology with



plan to give their browsers

full Flash and Silverlight support , and who needs an iPhone?


(NOK) - Get Report

is even increasing their efforts, revealing the 5800 Navigation Edition, which is different than its earlier released 5800 Xpress Music model. Complete with its fancy touchscreen handset, the phone contains

some great navigational aspects , including "an entire lifetime of voice-guided Drive and Walk navigation licenses for your region."

But don't get me wrong, the


(AAPL) - Get Report

is still a pretty slick, ground-breaking device, but as other companies start improving and deploying new technology, I'm torn. That is until I read about the test of the

iPhone 3GS and its proven ability to playback 1080p HD video .

I was so excited about the video test, I just had to immediately "tweet" it up. But now, Twitter has me thinking about when and where I use its service. The company very openly acknowledges that

Geolocation is very important to the future of their service and as a result, have announced an upcoming set of features and APIs that will make "Twitter truly location-aware." Granted, you'll need to opt-in to the feature, but still, Big Brother ... you scare me!

That said, I'm outta here, and I'm headed to an undisclosed location in my new hybrid. I'm just hoping I won't run out of juice, though that shouldn't be an issue once


(TM) - Get Report

officially moves from



nickel-metal hydride batteries to



lithium-ion batteries , which is estimated to power about 10,000 vehicles every year, starting around 2011.

Ahh, innovation as its finest; definitely something I didn't read in my hard copy of

Entertainment Weekly



, which should get a little cooler once a collaborative effort between


(PEP) - Get Report



(CBS) - Get Report


put an actual video ad in their magazine debuts. Yes, it's true folks, and those of you in the New York and Los Angeles areas that subscribe to EW should expect to see it soon!

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