Toying With the Market's Good Sense

Cramer's tired of lousy bricks-and-mortar outfits getting on the Web and seeing their shares surge.
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Oh, I get the picture. You are a sloppy retailer with stores that people dislike going into, with prices that are just OK and a tired format. I guess that means you are going to be a terrific e-tailer. I mean, isn't that the secret behind the success of all of the other great Web retailers -- crummy bricks-and-mortar execution?

Boy, am I getting sick of so-so retailers boosting their stocks by 25% by announcing a Web strategy. Today it is

Toys R Us


. Call me a skeptic, but there is more to running one of these Web businesses than you think.

The first thing you have to have is a sponsor that doesn't get hurt by what you are doing online. Toys R Us lives off of impulse buys once you are in the store. The Net kills that business.

The second thing you need is rigorous attention to detail; you can't make any mistakes. You must make the consumer love you for your ease and for your accessibility. Why should I think Toys R Us, which has about the worst touch I know of short of

Party City


, be acclaimed as a fine touch e-tailer?

Finally, you need to be first. I know that


does no more business than two Toys R Us stores -- thanks to an interview with Toys R Us on


-- but I say, so what? How many books did


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sell in 1995? One thing we know about the Net is this first-mover thing is more important than just about anything, save the 40-yard dash.

Does that mean Toys R Us shouldn't go up?? Of course not. Heck,

Global Marine


would go up if it announced a Web site in this market.

But it does mean that the sustainability of the move may be no more than we saw in

Trans World Music

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-- and I like going to their stores!

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