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) -- Let's put it plain and simple: President Barack Obama should not seek re-election. Without these key leadership skills, he will only continue to handicap America's economic recovery.


A leader is at his/her best in a crisis.

In America's outsized economic crisis, the President is floundering on three urgent tasks: cost reductions, plans to support wealth creation and motivating the nation.


A leader is responsible for motivating specific outcomes.

When the President is disappointed in an outcome, he blames Congress or his predecessor.


Leaders always operate with well-planned strategies for growing wealth.

The President's actions are reactive, opportunistic and disjoint. Any growth would be an accident and/or unsustainable.


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Leaders are constantly preparing for competitive battle.

The President's preferential support for organized labor works against America's flexible labor advantage. It also hurts the competitiveness of the nation' education system, industry competitiveness, and government efficiency.


Leaders know how to leverage strengths.

The President's group orientation is antithetical to two of America's greatest strengths: Its orientations toward the individual and meritocracy.


Leaders know how to identify the best global opportunities.

In a world of jumbo emerging market opportunities, the President is struggling to get past Panama, Colombia and South Korea.


A leader builds consensus.

The President sees the relationship between the Democrats and Republicans, and the public and private sectors as we vs. them. This is divisive.


A leader's integrity never lapses.

The President's perpetual campaigning abuses his position and his use of "witty" rhetoric can stretch the truth and it can be offensive to the American people and those across the aisle.


Leaders know how to prioritize their tasks

. Prioritizing Obamacare ahead of economic recovery is not what leaders do.


A leader never loses focus on improving the foundations for wealth creation that support job creation.

The President's incomplete understanding of the private sector often results in damaging this foundation.

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