Stocks mixed Monday as Wall Street continues to look to Washington and President Obama to revive the economy.

First up is

General Electric

(GE) - Get Report

hitting its lowest level since1996, despite high ratings on NBC with the SuperBowl. Stephanie Link, Director of Research for Cramer's Action Alerts Plus Portfolio, has been a long time supporter of this stock despite the macro environment weighing on its capital finance arm and continues to believe in the long term solid growth story. You can always trade with Cramer,


for a special offer now.

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Rumors that President Obama's 'bad bank' plan could be sidelined keeps

Bank of America

(BAC) - Get Report



(C) - Get Report

high on the list. Also,

Bank of America

's shareholders are demanding that CEO Ken Lewis get pushed out and


will auction off Nikko Cordial.

Wells Fargo

(WFC) - Get Report

is next after announcing it would pay a $371.5 million dividend to the government in exchange for its

TARP money


Next up is

Genworth Financial

(GNW) - Get Report

. The stock is seeing lots of options activity today. Stock buoyed a bit after


called its competitor

Hartford Financial

(HIG) - Get Report

a "compelling buy."The company will report on Thursday.


(AAPL) - Get Report

, as always, makes the list. reports that the iMac will refresh in the March or June quarters. And


(DELL) - Get Report

wants to get into the

smart phone business

, the latest tech company to challenge the iPhone.

Home retailer,

Williams Sonoma

(WSM) - Get Report

is next. This home appliance retailer announced a $75 million cost reduction plan including 1,400 layoffs. Merrill analysts came out with a buy rating on this stock saying the cost and inventory reductions are working. Also, current bullish activity on



has investors looking at beaten up specialty retailers.

Tobacco company,


(MO) - Get Report

is up. The Senate passing another tax hike for cigarettes. Smokers will have to shell out an extra

61 cents per pack

. Altria also reported a

fourth quarter earnings drop

, but its adjusted profit matched Wall Street's consensus forecast.

Infrastructure company,


(CAT) - Get Report

, announcing mega job layoffs, over 20K, last week. With the Senate voting on Obama's infrastructure package this week, the question is: to buy or not to buy? contributor, Dan Fitzpatrick, says wait for the bulls to come before getting into this stock. This is a crazy market time, so don't go it alone. Stick with our team, real answers, real people, real time. Email us at

for a special offer.

And last up is


(COP) - Get Report

. Cramer recommended this stock on

Mad Money

saying it's a buy below $50 a share.

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