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Too Tired to Run

Cramer can't gauge if we have the legs for a possible late rally.
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Hmmm, can't tell if it has the horses. Love the action in


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, and


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certainly put on some legs from that 122 abyss. But it seems like everyone is just too doggone tired to ramp, and this cyclical gibberish is so distracting as to derail the big bet.

Nascent strength in the Net, which led us down, equals a plus. Incredible weakness in the drugs sure gives you a bad feeling. I know they just had a big run, but a 15-point decline in the

Pharmaceutical Index

(DRG) is a bit disheartening. Thinking to myself, could sure use


here, as my partner, Jeff, is on vacation until Monday. Bet he won't believe these prices. When he left, they were taking


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at 115. Now they can't give it away at par.

In the meantime, another talking head drones on about how he doesn't want to miss the big cyclical move. Ah, sweet bird of youth, how many times will you be fooled before you realize what a head fake looks like?

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