Too Hot on the Net. Again.

Cramer's nipping at the drugs again.
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The Net got too hot again. Stuff like



. Stuff like

Sovereign Bank


. Stuff like

North Fork Bank


. What the heck? Even the Net players recoiled.

For me, time to pick up some bargains in the drugs, which are being tossed for


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, and some banks, which reversed radically. I also am nibbling at some Old Net -- can you imagine that term? -- and selling my

cyclicals, which have already gotten extended in one day.

Is today an important day? Oh, please go back to my

fulcrum day piece two weeks ago. There are no fulcrums. This was a day when the Net went nuts, too nuts, and it scared everybody. In a bull market you get these wild and crazy selloffs. They are painful. They are vicious.

To me they are like trees being pruned. Seems brutal. Got to do it if you want things to keep growing.

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