Too Good for Words

This market is so fabulous, even JJC's trusty sports analogy can't do it justice.
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What an unbelievable summer ramp! Now we have one hurdle and that's those nasty payrolls. If I were at a hedge fund that had a big short position, I would go to every city in the country and hire everybody who is unemployed. Might be cheaper than all of the money you will lose if that number turns out to be weak.

Lots of idols cracked this week. The market overran


. It ignored the possibility that the


was less than vigilant. It allowed the dot-coms to come back, even though they weren't supposed to. It even forced


off Fed Watch for 24 hours.

Even TSEL, the stocks everybody loves, came back. Roared back.

If this market were a sports team, it would not have had a high first-round draft choice for a decade. It would be a dynasty of


proportions. The '27 Yankees. It would be headed for Cooperstown -- no five-year wait.

There would be so many jerseys hanging you couldn't see the rafters.

It has overrun every superlative in my vocabulary.

That's saying something.

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