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Tomorrow's Headliners: 3M, Cat

Also, Ben Bernanke will be speaking at a conference at the St. Louis Fed.

Forget about easing into the weekend.

Tomorrow is Friday, but that doesn't mean much to corporate America during earnings season, and the schedule will be hectic in the hours before the opening bell rings.

Four components of the

Dow Jones Industrial Average

highlight the day --


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Also due to report are


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Boston Scientific

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The economic calendar is essentially bare, save for the weekly leading index from the Economic Cycle Research Institute, but

Federal Reserve

Chairman Ben Bernanke will be speaking at a conference at the St. Louis Fed, and traders will need to be on guard for any comments that might offer clues about rate changes.


, check out this week's most notable missteps and gaffes in our popular feature, "The Five Dumbest Things on Wall Street This Week."The corporate world may be full of smart people, but that doesn't stop them from sometimes doing stupid things, as Companies Editor Colin Barr will show.

Also, are you afraid of emerging markets but intrigued by the possibilities of making healthy profits there? There is a way to play this area, and it's via ETFs.

Contributing writer Roger Nusbaum says an offering from PowerShares should prove less volatile than some closed-end funds with a similar purpose. Be sure to check in for an examination of both the risks and the potential rewards.

And in case you didn't know, there's an election next year. If there's one thing traders love, it's winning. For the presidential race, they appear to be betting on a Democratic White House after 2008, because the GOP is badly trailing in its fund-raising efforts on Wall Street.

Columnist Brett Arends will explain why this happening, what it means and whether the smart money has it right.