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Stock futures are pointing to a rising market Tuesday, but I still worry that the market will find a reason to go south instead.

Rampant, persistent pessimism is becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. The disease already spread to companies and consumers. Can't anyone see the good side of bad?



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, for example. The Pennsylvania chocolate maker said sales and profit rose more than 50% in the fourth quarter as it increased advertising spending on its core brands, Reese's and Hershey's.

That's good news, right? But no doubt the market will interpret this as a sign that the economy is getting worse. If more people are eating chocolate, they must be depressed and that's not good.

Verizon Communications

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said profit rose 15% in the fourth quarter as it signed up more wireless and broadband subscribers. Oh, that can't be good. It must mean that more people are staying home and getting their entertainment from the Internet and are so depressed they need someone to talk to.

In many cases, companies like


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are reporting a decline in profit as they struggle in this slowing economy. Why isn't that a good thing? They are


profitable, right? They are holding their own under difficult circumstances. Good for them.

But no. Traders will no doubt focus on the decline in investment income at Travelers. Who didn't have a decline in investment income during this ultra-pessimistic period (see what I mean about it being a self-fulfilling prophecy?)

I could go on and on.

American Express

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? Profitable.

Texas Instruments

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? Profitable.


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? Profitable.

Come on, folks. How about a little love for all the companies still making money?