I'm getting whiplash from the on-again, off-again romance between

General Motors

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First, the two clueless carmakers were ready to hook up. Then the courtship is off. Later they tell Congress they'd marry if necessary to get a bailout. Today a report comes out that they are dating again. But

GM says they aren't even talking.

You'd think these guys were back in junior high, sharing love notes and then running away. They need to grow up and get serious.

This isn't about being in love with each other. This isn't about even liking each other. This would be a marriage of convenience. An arranged marriage, if you will.

It's not like either of them has any other suitors.


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looking the other way, and we haven't even seen a wink or glance from


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walked out on Chrysler some time ago. So it seems to me that GM and Chrysler are pretty much out of options.

They're miserable on their own, so maybe they'd be better off together. One of them will surely die a sad, lonely death if this match doesn't work out. That may happen even if they do get together.

But maybe, just maybe, they would be good for each other.